Bonolo Trust

The Bonolo Trust was started in the year 2000 with the tissue and bedding products manufacturing. Since then the company has been growing from strength to strength. The trust now incorporates companies in the following sectors:

  • Mining & Mining Services
  • Agriculture / Agro Processing
  • Commercial Property
  • Manufacturing & Retailing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Commercial Farming
  • Transport

Bonolo is a SeTswana name for mercy , gentle and soft. We decided to take the gentle like dove and wise like a serpent approach rather than aggressive and mean approach in doing business


Our company is diversified. We aim to become one of the true empowered African entrepreneurs who dare to go where many have failed or dare to go. That is why we recruit and train ambitious young talented black graduates.

There is strength in diversity if we managed because if one sector is under pressure, the other sector can boost the company to go from strength to strength ... Read more

Bonolo Management

Our management team consists of highly motivated young and educated individuals who specialize in various sectors from mining, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and property... Read more